Why Sirf 1 Rupiya?

Sirf1Rupiya targets these quality brands and services through the curation of relevant audiences. This curated grouping ensures that impressions achieve powerful impact, resulting in clicks and conversions today, while also maximizing long-term brand and customer lifetime value. By giving (shockingly effective) attention to ‘the metrics’ without making them the focus, Sirf1Rupiya fosters lasting and valuable relationships between advertisers and consumers.


Sirf1Rupiya focuses on value, not just monetary but also lasting brand messaging, brand integrity and demand creation. In this way we are producing online advertising with a long-term goal, different from the quick consumption, “Click here! Click here!” ethos that has become the norm.


A premium, invite-only ad network connecting highly qualified audiences with highly relevant services, products, and brands. The result is an increased ROI + brand exposure for advertisers and a better experience for readers.
We have Ads displayed in three different languages, English, Hindi and Gujarati which will help advertisers to connect to there relevant audience culturally and emotionally. All advertising place in the space are in form of Banner’s, icon and URL to their business.

Story Behind Sir1rupiya

Creator of Sirf1Rupiya was inspired by the social survey he did where he came to know that today people are not looking for any free money as everyone knows, there is no free lunch. All that today people need is the platform to earn money.

So Sirf1rupiya was created with the mission where any individual rather educated or not can earn money just by doing Smart & Magical Work.

A little more about Sirf1Rupiya

We do more than just promoting business

We donate portion of our profit to UNIVERCOM Foundation, a registered non-profit organization dedicated to bringing education, healthcare and self-sufficiency to unprivileged communities across india in order to improve quality of life and help them create and sustain a better future

To know more about UNIVERCOM Foundation log into their website – www.otlorotlofoundation.org