Which Kind of companies can give Ad in Sirf1rupiya ?

Any business Big or small with any industry can give Ad in Sirf1rupiya

Do Sirf1rupiya Charge any Hidden cost apart from given plan ?

No there is no Hidden cost with Sir1rupiya apart from given ad plan.

Can we renew plan after its expiry of 1 year?

Yes, you can renew that plan and extent its validity for one more year.

How will you promote our business Globally ?

We will run paid campaign on Major Social media platforms and Search engines with relevant keywords for your business on our website which will eventually helps your business getting highlighted on our portal.

What are premium Ads on Sirf1rupiya ?

These ads are placed on our website Left hand corner which will be highlighted there for time period you select.Initially with 1 month and then as long as you want.

What are Discounts & Offers ?

These are Add on space available to place your recent discounts and offers to be placed on our website.

What is your Motto behind so affordable Global Digital Ad network ?

We want to help small and medium size business owners who can afford big budget for marketing but they always want to grow business. So we are providing them this platform at almost no cost per day.